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“Ecosire offers a complete solution for Amazon Sellers to focus on selling while leaving all their back-end operations worries to the powerful & flexible ERP system”

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Order Management

  • Import Orders from Amazon to Odoo

    (FBM: Shipped & Unshipped, FBA: Shipped & Pending)

  • Export Shipping Details with Package Tracking Number from Odoo to Amazon
  • View FBM & FBA orders separately in Odoo
  • Check FBA Order Cancellations on Amazon and update the order status in Odoo

Returns & Refund

  • Manage FBA Returns by importing return reports, validating incoming shipment and creating credit notes.

Settlement Report

  • Download, Process & Reconcile Amazon Settlement Report in Odoo
  • Get Amazon fees, Commissions & other charges from Amazon Settlement Report and post it to Odoo Accounting
  • Reconcile Orders, Invoices & Credit Notes against the settlement report
  • Generate reimbursement invoices if Amazon provides you reimbursement in any case


  • Sync Products between Amazon & Odoo
  • Export Products (Using CSV and Excel)
  • Update Product Information
  • Export/Update Product Price, & Stock Levels

FBA Inventory

  • Inbound Shipment
    • Import Amazon Inbound Shipment In Odoo
    • Send Inbound Shipments from Odoo to Amazon; Create a shipment plan, add products to it with the appropriate quantity and submit the shipment plan to Amazon
    • Update shipment information for Inbound Shipment and Create and Print Package/Pellet labels/Unique Labels.
    • Manage Amazon Partnered / Non-partnered Carriers for Inbound Shipments to Amazon
    • Track status of Inbound Shipments
    • Track discrepancies in Quantity/Products that are sent & received
  • Removal Order
    • Create Removal Order in Odoo for sellable or unsellable inventory and send it to Amazon
    • Import removal orders to Odoo which are processed by Amazon when the seller has configured Auto Removal on their Seller Central account; Process the removal orders in Odoo after importing them
  • Inventory Adjustments
    • Import Inventory Adjustment report from Amazon to Odoo and accordingly carry out the stock adjustment in your Odoo warehouse
  • FBA Shipment
    • Create Orders, Invoices & Process deliveries in Odoo by importing & processing FBA Shipment Report from Amazon