Odoo vs Enterprise

Odoo Community Vs Enterprise

The Odoo Community Edition represents the foundational, no-cost version of Odoo, supported by open-source software. In contrast, the Odoo Enterprise Version is a paid, upgraded iteration tailored for high-value, niche markets. The Enterprise Version offers unlimited functional support, version upgrades, and the option for Public or Private Cloud hosting, features not available in the Community Version. Additionally, the Enterprise Version distinguishes itself with higher speed and performance capabilities compared to the Community Version.

Compare Odoo Community and Enterprise

Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise versions offer a set of functional modules suitable for business operations. Sales, purchase, accounting, inventory etc are modules offered by both the Odoo versions. Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise Comparison can shed light on the benefits of Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community for different business ventures. Evaluate and compare the two versions using different comparison criteria including support, bug fixing, upgrades, hosting and pricing

Odoo Enterprise

The Odoo Enterprise Edition builds upon the features of the Odoo Community, offering enhanced operational speed, efficiency, and mobile browser compatibility. It provides unlimited functional support, frequent upgrades, and support for public and private cloud hosting from Odoo SA. The subscription fee for Odoo Enterprise varies based on the number of users and apps utilized. With Odoo Enterprise, companies transition from being users of open-source software to providers of proprietary services. This version includes additional functional modules such as Data Cleaning, Sign, Help Desk, Marketing Automation, Quality Management, Maintenance, Online Appointment, Subscription, and Studio, which are not available in Odoo Community. Moreover, Odoo Enterprise offers additional features for existing applications, including barcode integration, shipping connector, MPS, VOIP, enhancing its capabilities compared to Odoo Community.