Odoo vs Sage 

Odoo and Sage are comprehensive ERP management solutions designed to facilitate seamless management of all aspects of a company’s operations. These management software platforms offer user-friendly interfaces, simplifying various operational tasks and providing efficient management capabilities.

Why choose Odoo over Sage?

Odoo serves as a comprehensive solution catering to all business needs, while Sage is primarily utilized for managing financial aspects. In comparison to Sage, Odoo is more cost-effective, offering subscription options on a monthly or annual basis. Odoo’s open-source nature is backed by a dedicated community of partners, developers, and support staff worldwide, continuously enhancing the platform with advanced features. Additionally, Odoo provides a free community version with basic features, unlike Sage 100 ERP, which requires a subscription fee.


Sage 100 Enterprise i7 provides modules like Sales, CRM, Manufacturing, Accounting & Finance management which are dedicated to SMEs for flexible functioning In addition, It supports multi-company, languages and currencies attributing to the financial management aspects of the company.

From its development stages in 1981 Sage has been coined as an accounting software and its functionalities as an ERP solution are limited compared to Odoo. The Sage offers two versions of the solution one being Sage one accountant edition which is useful for accounting freelancers and the other one is Sage online which can be availed by SMEs.